Be a part of our Customer Support/Sales team

We’re looking for a team member for our customer support/sales team (Sweden or Norway). We’re hoping it’s you?

Our company name is Smartplan. We’re a Software as a Service company from Aarhus, Denmark.

Our product help small businesses with online employee scheduling. We help them get rid of their Excel spreadsheet. We help them bring their shifts online, making it easier for their employees to swap shifts and see shifts on their phone.

We have customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. However we’re looking to grow faster in Sweden and Norway and we need your help.

We need you to help us onboard our signups, converting them from trials to customers. When a customer signs up they get a 30 day free trial. We need your help to increase our conversion rate from trials to customers. This involves the following tasks:

  • Follow up calls and Skype demos of our product.
  • Customer support via chat.
  • Customer support via phone.
  • Translation and copy writing for our website.
  • Email onboarding campaigns.

To work with Smartplan we require these skills and personal qualities :

  • Extremely service-minded and friendly.
  • Customer centered interest. The customers goal is your goal.
  • Swedish or Norwegian is your native language.
  • A great writer. Both in swedish or norwegian and english.

I just want to elaborate on the follow up calls and Skype demos. This is a big part of growing our product. This should not be seen as hard-core-cold-calling-sales. No, it’s something we do to understand our customer needs better and to learn how we can improve our service and make it easier to understand. Of course it’s also a service, to help potentiel customers get a good start with Smartplan.

We’re not calling them to force our product down their throat, but to qualify them and point them in the right direction during their trials.

Contacting and helping trial customers is the biggest part of the job. But in between this we also expect you to do customer service for our existing customers. You will also participate in improving our Google Ads as well as our website with better sales copy.

We would like to work with you long term. We’re looking for a team mate not just a freelancer. To begin with we suggest 10, 15 or 20 hours per week depending on your price. You will also get a bonus for every customer that converts from trial to paying.

If you think this is something for you, please contact me on If you think this might be something for someone you know, please help us get in touch with this someone.

Læs mere om hvorfor Smartplan er noget for dig:

Fordelene ved en online vagtplan er mange

Excel holder din vagtplan fanget. Læs hvad du får ud af at sætte den fri og slip for Excel.

Fordi software bare skal virke

Du vil gerne have en online vagtplan der bare virker.

Prisen på Smartplan starter ved kun 199,- pr. måned

En lav pris og ingen binding betyder noget for dig og du har ikke brug for en masse ekstra unødvendige funktioner